Providing developers with a seamless integration experience is at the core of our API versioning approach. We work in an agile environment and iteratively release latest versions of individual endpoints and webhooks. Our iterative release process ensures that breaking changes which are released will not impact existing endpoints and webhooks (which you have already integrated with). We define a breaking change as a new material change to an endpoint or webhook, including but not limited to new functionality, a new field or a change to the name of an existing field.

Support Life Cycle

All endpoints and webhooks released by ClearBank® will be supported for a minimum of 12-months before these are reviewed for withdrawal.

Following the initial 12-month period, all endpoints and webhooks will be reviewed every 6 months. This review will allow us to decide whether an endpoint or webhook should be withdrawn. If we decide to withdraw an endpoint or webhook, you will be issued a written notification 6-months prior to the date from which that version will no longer be supported.

This means that all endpoints and webhooks will ideally be supported for a minimum of 18-months (this includes initial support for 12-months along with a 6-month advance notice period prior to withdrawal).

The only exception to this approach would be for us to withdraw an endpoint or webhook sooner due to regulatory or scheme obligations, or in case of API incompatibility.

As a matter of practice, you are urged to ensure that you upgrade to the latest version of an endpoint or webhook as soon as one is released.